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What is Visan Trust?
Visan Trust is a private charitable trust formed by Shah Family who are the main promoters of Chembond Group companies. The trust runs a children centre named "Visan Children Centre" since 1999 for the benefit of the tribal girls. As water is the essence of life, trust now has also decided to concentrate on the safe and clean drinking water to the underprivileged and provide them with the required resources.
What are the on going activities of Visan trust?
There are two on going activities. They are:
  • "Visan Children Centre" Development Centre for Tribal girls School dropouts. It is situated in Pasthal village, Tarapur of Thane District.
  • Drinking Water Project in the Tribal Villages in Thane District.
What are the main functions of this Department?
  • Provide potable drinking water in rural areas and provide connectivity to unconnected rural habitations.
  • Maintain rural roads and government buildings in rural areas.
What are the functions of Visan Trust?
  • To identify stress areas facing acute drinking Water problems. Water samples are being analyzed in our laboratories. Depending upon the analysis, remedial actions are decided in consultations with the local population.
  • Introduce effective and efficient drinking water treatment systems at village level.
  • To ensure that the schoolchildren in rural and tribal areas receive clean and hygienic water.
  • Try to solve problems in water shortage areas through rain harvesting, borewells or other simple means.
  • Creating awareness and carrying out training sessions at village level on sanitation and hygiene.
What is safe drinking water?
Safe drinking water should have the following characteristics:
  • Colourless
  • Odorless
  • Free from bacteriological contamination
  • Free from chemical contamination.
What are the linkages between drinking water, sanitation and health?
Taking safe drinking water and observing sanitation related hygiene practices would help maintain sound health. Neglecting any one of these will lead to ill health.
When was Visan Trust launched?
Visan Trust was launched in 1999.
What are essential conditions necessary to seek service from Visan Trust?
Certain criteria are needed for seeking service from Visan Trust, which are given below:
  • Community should be aware of the problems of water and should be ready to cooperate the Trust to implement our Drinking Water Project.
  • Village Water and Sanitation Committee should be set in the village.
  • Community should be willing to participate and contribute their share.
  • Responsive support.
Who is eligible under the Drinking Water Project?
All the residents in the village are eligible under the project.
What should the villagers do to get the benefit?
The benefits under the Drinking Water Project are extended to the entire village in general. Specifically one needs to approach the Trust.
What are the procedures for becoming entitled to the benefits?
The only procedure is to get entitled to the benefits is to cooperate with us to implement this Project.
Who will guide him/her in case of any clarification regarding the programs?
Either Trust or Village Water and Sanitation Committee if and when required.
Who manages the project at village level during implementation and on completion of the Project?
Village Water and Sanitation Committee and Trust manage the project on completion.
Who is the Chairperson for Village Water and Sanitation Committee?
It is person elected by the members of the Village Water and Sanitation Committee
What is the composition of Village Water and Sanitation Committee?
It consists of the following representatives
  • A resident from the village.
  • A representative each from the weaker sections of the community
  • One third of members should be women
  • A ward members if is there in the village.
  • Teachers, if there is a school.
  • Heath workers, if there is a Primary health Centre.
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